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About Us

JJ Stucco & Plastering System, Inc. has been providing high quality exterior cladding service throughout the United States since 1998. We offer a wide range of exterior coatings for residential, commercial, and remodeling (stucco reapirs) construction projects, including:

EIFS (Exterior Insulated and Finishing System) – a multi-layer stucco exterior wall system that provides superior energy efficiency and offers great design flexibility.

STUCCO – ideal for many types of buildings, providing long lasting material that has withstood test of time.

CULTURED STONE – cast in molds taken from a natural stone. A process that captures the finest details that even on close examination looks and feels exactly like the original.

Customer satisfaction in our design process has been a building block of our company. We constantly inquire of advanced cost-efficient stucco wall systems and coatings, to provide a variety of choices to our clients. Our expertise and knowledge of changing technology is reflected through every project.

The size of our company gives greater benefit to our customers, due to our excellent contact and close relationship with a client. Quality inspections of our construction provide a product that will look new for years to come. We feel that this face to face connection separates us from our competitors.

Our reputation for excellence and superior customer service gives us and our clients great satisfaction, and we will do everything to continue this tradition.

Our Services


Our commercial stucco offers an incredible selection of services such as stucco installation, interior stucco and exterior stucco finishing, and stucco repair. Interior and exterior stucco services are important to create a strong image and cost-effective manner in your commercial property.


We’d love to provide your home with all your stucco needs. Our residential stucco services cover basic stucco installation, replacement, and repair. We also provide specialized services such as construction installation, including home additions or remodeling, renovation, and restoration of stucco around your home.


Our repairs in stucco include cracks repair and patch repair. Cracks and patches are effects of seasonal weather patterns or gradual shifting of your building. Our stucco repair service offers a quick solution to restore your stucco to its excellent condition.

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Why Choose Us ?

Years Of Experience

What sets us apart from other stucco companies is our years of experience in handling intricate jobs. We pride ourselves on an outstanding record of quality service and attention to detail. Our longevity in the stucco industry and the longevity of our client relationship complemented our philosophy to treat your home as we would treat ours and the outstanding work we do.

Quality Materials

Our stucco contractors are confident in our expertise and abilities to deliver top-notch quality and artistry using premium quality materials. That is why our stucco contractors provide the best results and achieve the satisfaction of our customers to the utmost degree.

Professional Team

Our stucco company has professionals that are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service. Each of our team brings meaning to every interaction, listens to your needs, and our customers love us for it. Whether you need a stucco installation, stucco restoration need, or stucco refinish project, you can rest assured that our professional team will make the process easy and enjoyable for you.

Exceptional Look

We are passionate about our stucco projects and are performed by our knowledgeable and competent craftsmen. That is why we believe that our works are outstanding in the competition. When you choose to work with us, you’re getting unmatched quality, service, and beautiful results that last a long time.

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